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In Pursuit of Answers™

We are a global leader of innovative and comprehensive laboratory services that helps doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, researchers and patients make clear and confident decisions. Through our unparalleled diagnostics and drug development laboratory capabilities, our 60,000+ employees combine cutting-edge innovation, science and technology to solve some of today’s biggest health challenges, accelerate life-changing healthcare breakthroughs and impact lives around the world. 
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We're working relentlessly to impact lives, every day.

Diverse coworkers perform calculations in the lab.
Coworkers sitting at a conference table working on laptop computers.
Cytometry technician inspects equipment.
Solving today's biggest health challenges
Working in the lab, on the road, in the air, in a home office or alongside patients, our people across 100+ countries are using cutting-edge innovation, science and technology to inform decisions across the continuum of care.
Accelerating life-changing scientific breakthroughs
Our global laboratory footprint and scientific expertise help accelerate the drug development process and help new treatments reach patients faster. 

Innovating for millions
We provide insights and advance science to improve health and improve lives through our unparalleled diagnostics and drug development laboratory capabilities, reaching more than 160 million patients each year.

Meet the people behind the answers.

Florence, Senior SAS Programmer.
“I started working here as a placement student during my university program. I found that it was an encouraging and supportive work environment so I returned after graduation to a full-time position.”

Latoya, IT Product Specialist.
"I help people fall in love with their software. But, more than that, I empower my colleagues to do their meaningful work to improve health and lives."

Adam, Labcorp Chairman and CEO.
"Precision treatments—such as cell and gene therapeutics and oncology medicines—are delivering new possibilities for individualized patient care. 

By providing data, insights and answers for doctors and drug developers, Labcorp is helping bring these life-changing therapies to patients around the world.​"

Adam Schechter
Brandi, Medical Lab Technologist.
“Everyone in my laboratory treats each sample like it was from someone in our family as we work to run the best tests and deliver the most accurate results.”

Serrita, Histology Supervisor.