We believe your career should be boundless.

From entry level to executive, we provide in-depth training, development and mentoring opportunities
—all within our unique leadership culture—to help you reach the next level of your career.

We're building an effective leadership culture.

We believe that leadership is a critical part in driving our strategy and success. Learn how our Labcorp Leadership ID helps us inspire, innovate, deliver and develop our diverse teams and achieve shared goals across our organization. 

"You cannot move forward, you cannot be as successful as you want to be, if you do not have the best leaders and the best leadership capabilities."

Adam Schechter
Adam Schechter - Chairman. President and CEO.
We're connecting across skill levels with reverse/diverse mentoring.

In addition to Labcorp's traditional mentoring, we've launched reverse/diverse mentoring, a unique program where executives are mentored by junior aspiring leaders of diverse backgrounds, perspectives and experiences. It's just one way we encourage collaboration and foster an environment of continuous learning and inclusivity. 
Mary prepares to talk about our mentoring program in this video.
"We're not only getting our diverse talent a seat at the table, but the right seat, at the right table, with enough support to make a true change."
Lawanda prepares to talk about our tuition coverage program in this video.
Make the most of your career with the Labcorp Education Advantage. Hear how three employees are pursuing their educational goals—debt-free—through our unique program. 
We're investing in the future of our employees with 100% tuition coverage.

Through the Labcorp Education Advantage, we are supporting employees in the pursuit of their educational goals and career aspirations.

Eligible employees can get 100% tuition coverage toward curated undergraduate healthcare and life sciences certificates and degrees offered online from top-tier academic institutions. It's just one way we're here to help you make the most of your career.

"I want to be able to build a better life with my girlfriend. I am pursuing my higher education and a better job to be able to support us. 

When a company goes out of their way to set up a program like this, they're not just interested in their own growth. It's a big investment for the company and its employees."

Julie prepared to speak about our mentorship program in this video.
Grow as a mentee and a mentor                               
“I have taken part in the mentorship programs, being a mentee myself and now I'm being a mentor myself. Everyone has a part to play.”

Cory prepares to talk about Labcorp's cutting edge science in this video.
Be part of cutting-edge science                                                       
“Being able to jump out of the laboratory and into a more commercial role allowed me to deliver for our clients.”

United States
Taryn shares our environment of teamwork and culture in this video.
Experience a culture of teamwork   
“I have learned a lot here at Labcorp. It has inspired me to be a part of something bigger and to be part of a team. And that’s the culture of Labcorp – it’s teamwork.”

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We're supporting every step of your career.

Expand your skillset
We offer developmental training in self-paced, virtual, and live-in person formats to help grow your career. 
Two scientist examine DNA collection kits.
Advance your cultural knowledge
We aim to help improve your cultural awareness, offer valuable global insights and help you develop a strong global mindset.                                                   
Members of our team in India pose take a group photo in the office.
The Labcorp Mentoring Program
We're increasing employee engagement, encouraging cross-team connections and creating a culture of mentorship throughout our organization.
A scientist in a lab coat performs a test on a sample in the lab.
Emily shares her thoughts on our people-focused environment.
Thrive in a people-focused environment
“I really was looking for a place that was all about the people, whether it was the people I work with or the patients we impact.” 

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Lindsay talks about her unique career path at Labcorp.
Explore unique career paths
“There're just so many different opportunities. And that combined with fantastic people to actually get to work with, it just makes for an amazing career.”

United Kingdom
A smiling female employee points out a "you belong here" sign in her office.
We're empowering inclusive leadership.
Through our unconscious bias training, our people leaders are learning how to better identify bias and cultivate connections. By being aware of unconscious biases and how it impacts themselves as leaders, we are developing stronger, more inclusive leaders to impact all employees.
A team of coworkers celebrate with "congrats" balloons.
We're committed to rewarding growth.
We give you the tools and resources to grow your career—and encourage internal mobility to expand your career opportunities across our business. 

We also reward our eligible employees with a cash bonus for each referred employee we hire as we grow our global teams. 

Our leadership programs

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