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​​​​​​​advancing together.

Work for a company that values your service experience.

At Labcorp, leadership, loyalty, integrity and commitment to excellence—traits instilled in you through your military service—are highly valued and recognized. We understand our team is made stronger by veterans, like you, who apply a high level of ethics and skills to the life-changing work we do. You understand work that matters, and so do we. Whether you’re an active service member or veteran, Labcorp offers a variety of job options, confidential resources, educational information and career guidance to make your transition to a civilian job as smooth as possible.
Our Veteran Employee Resource Group

Veteran Employee Resource Groups offer employees an opportunity to network, address common issues and concerns, and receive support from those who share similar backgrounds, experiences, or interests.

All employees are welcome to participate whether they are veterans or not. Many members of the current Veteran Employee Resources groups are friends, family members or spouses.

Nicole prepares to introduce the VERG video.
Meet Nicole, Tammy, and Jeff, who share their stories about serving in the military while being part of the Labcorp family and how they found a civilian career where they belong.

Learn how our active military and veteran employees advance together.

A military ship anchored off shore.
Supporting our Veterans and recognizing their support of one another.
When asked what they miss most about their time in service, military veterans often mention the unparalleled spirit of camaraderie – and some of them find ways to start recreating it in their civilian careers. We recently learned how that affinity has inspired some of our military veteran employees to support each other through life transitions.
Todd, U.S. Navy Veteran and Labcorp employee.
Meet Todd, U.S. Navy Veteran and associate director of global security at Labcorp.
After serving in the U.S. Navy for 10 years and earning the role of a division leading petty officer for the sonar department on a submarine, Todd wanted to join the civilian workforce but was unsure how his skills would transfer.   
Thank you to our veterans sign outside the Madison, Wisconsin Labcorp facility.
Be part of a supportive community.
"I truly appreciate the fact that Labcorp is so supportive of their veteran community. The camaraderie felt while serving our country can be felt here in Labcorp with my fellow Sailors, Marines, Airmen and Soldiers. I am thankful that we have support and a Veteran Employee Resource Group to keep that camaraderie alive because sometimes, the only person that knows what you are going through, is a person who has been there."

U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman Chief
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