Focusing on data science to enable global delivery models 
When I first started my career as a programmer to support pharmaceutical and CRO organizations with clinical study databases, we were just starting to see how technology can add value to the clinical development process. Nearly 17 years later, I have traversed multiple functions in clinical research with a range of programming and management positions, witnessing the power of data science to impact our industry and create greater efficiencies.

Creating innovative IT solutions
Now, as the Head of Biostatistics & Statistical Programming at Labcorp Drug Development, India, I’m excited to be part of our industry’s rapidly evolving landscape. We are working to design innovative and intuitive solutions that address traditional challenges in the drug development space and create a nimble global delivery model.

I believe we have tremendous potential with our technologies and methodologies surrounding risk-based monitoring (RBM) along with the shift toward real-world evidence (RWE) studies. Coupling flawless execution with technology advances, machine learning and advanced analytics, our teams can work to decrease cycle times across the clinical research spectrum and ultimately help lower costs while increasing the accessibility of drugs across the world.

A global strategy that values employees
As part of my introduction to Labcorp Drug Development, I recently had the opportunity to travel to the Princeton and Wilmington offices in the U.S.. I found it fascinating to see the level of passion that these colleagues had for their work, highlighting the emphasis this organization has placed on career development over the years.

At our Bangalore headquarters, a similar level of employee onboarding and development is evident in the robust PACE program (Premier Accelerated Colleague Experience). We are proud to engage new team members and offer role-specific training that helps our employees discover their extraordinary potential in a global setting.

Developing a winning strategy 
For those that aren’t acquainted with me outside of work, I am also quite passionate about sports. Beyond the entertainment value of playing and watching sports, I am also fascinated by the virtues of successful sports teams and the importance of teamwork, preparation, strategizing and forming alternate plans.

Similar to sports, I believe that success in our industry relies on the process of continual learning. We are constantly looking to evolve our delivery models and innovate based on the industry and client needs. Working at Labcorp Drug Development provides a great opportunity for aspiring candidates to be a part of this exciting journey, work as a cohesive global team and contribute to the enhancement of human lives across the world.


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