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Build your experience with an internship as part of your education or find career-building opportunities after graduation. A job at Labcorp provides many possibilities for discovering more ways to grow beyond the boundary of your early career.

Students from a wide array of technical and non-technical backgrounds and concentrations can find a range of positions available at Labcorp in many fields.  A variety of focus areas are represented, including but not limited to, Animal Science, Biology, Biomedical, Biochemistry, Business, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Finance/Accounting, IT, Marketing/Media, Science, Zoology and more! 

Join us and start your career with a global leader of innovative and comprehensive laboratory services to improve health and improve lives. 
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Are you looking for a career that embraces your unique perspective? You belong at Labcorp.
Working to make an impact video: Meet Jasmin
Career Spotlight:
If you’ve ever had your blood drawn, you’ll appreciate the care Phlebotomists provide to keep you calm and comfortable. See how our Labcorp phlebotomy team treats you like family so you can get the health answers you need.
Career Spotlight Video: Study Technician
Career Spotlight: Study Technicians
 Experience leadership training, mentoring and ongoing development as a Study Technician at Labcorp. 
Career Spotlight Video: Technologist
Career Spotlight: Technologists    
Technologists at Labcorp help deliver thousands of answers every day, spanning routine testing and rare conditions. Hear from Marchael, Jamie, Ellis and Dieneaker and learn how their enthusiasm for work helps make a real difference. 

Reinvent the future of healthcare—and your own career path.

Discover more with a Labcorp Internship.
The Labcorp School of Medical Laboratory Science
Become a medical laboratory scientist through our hybrid professional development program: The Labcorp School of Medical Laboratory Science. In 12 months, you’ll take online courses and participate in hands-on, in-person clinical instruction at one of our three sites in Birmingham, AL, Phoenix, AZ or Indianapolis, IN.

After earning a certificate at graduation, you’ll be prepared to take a national certification examination, launch your career and gain the skills and credentials needed for future laboratory leadership roles. 
Medical Laboratory Technician Roles
Certified Medical Laboratory Technicians (MLTs) play pivotal roles in our laboratories, conducting essential testing across traditional core areas, while also providing exciting opportunities in our innovative esoteric testing centers, specializing in unique testing methodologies. Your role as an MLT at Labcorp impacts global healthcare, as we tested over 600 million tests worldwide and our involvement in 84% of new FDA-approved drugs in 2023. Labcorp is committed to supporting your professional growth, offering comprehensive educational financial benefits through Labcorp Educational Advantage. 
Technologist Trainee Program
Graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in a Life Science (such as a biological, or chemical degree) can get training and development as they sharpen their skills and gain critical exposure to work in the Medical Lab Science environment at a global healthcare company.  Technologist Trainees are provided with on-the-job training in the field of medical laboratory science where they can discover more for their career in areas such as chemistry, hematology, microbiology, immunology, or other laboratory departments. 

Contact us for more information or questions about our Technologist Trainee Program.
Please note: This program is only available in the United States. You must be eligible to work within the United States. The following states are excluded from participation due to licensure requirements: California, New York, Florida, West Virginia, Louisiana.
Global Internship Program
Current students can explore diverse career opportunities through meaningful projects, hands-on real-world work, network exposure, professional development and mentorship through our Global Internship Program. We offer a variety of internship roles at Labcorp, some of those areas include, but are not limited to, Animal Science, Biology, Biomedical, Biochemistry, Business, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Finance/Accounting, IT, Life Sciences, Marketing/Media, Science, Zoology and more! In the US, the internship is 12 weeks from May through August. In the UK, Switzerland, Bulgaria, China and India the internships can range from five months to one year in length. 

Contact us for more information or questions about our Global Internship Program.
Externship Program
Labcorp is proud to partner with over 200 colleges and universities to offer clinical and non-clinical rotations for degreed and certificate programs, including pathology residency, clinical residency, medical laboratory science, cytology, phlebotomy and more. Our reference, esoteric, and research and development laboratories provide an exceptional learning environment for future scientists, leaders, and doctors. Join us in shaping the future of healthcare by gaining hands-on experience and expertise through our externship programs.

For students seeking clinical rotational externship hours, please have your program contact our externship support team.
U.K. Apprenticeship Program
Our UK Paid Apprenticeship Program supports diverse ranges of roles—such as laboratory technician, leadership and management, medical statistics, animal welfare and project management —to build rewarding careers within our global company. If you have any individual needs, required adjustments or anxieties about applying for an Apprenticeship role, please contact us to discuss the options available. 

Be a part of our innovative program, which was recognized as a Top 100 Apprenticeship Employer for 2023 by the UK government's Education & Skills Funding Agency.
Information Technology (IT) Roles
Students pursuing a degree in computer science, information science, data science/analytics, and additional information technology fields are invited to apply for a unique internship at Labcorp. This program provides an invaluable opportunity to engage with experienced company personnel and gain practical knowledge by addressing real-world challenges in the Information Technology sector. The internship facilitates collaboration between Labcorp’s diagnostics and drug development units, promoting teamwork and integrated learning across the entire IT organization. Interns will also have the chance to explore various career paths within the company, such as Data Analytics, Software Development, Cybersecurity, Bioinformatics/Genomics, and Data Science, thus broadening their professional horizons and expertise.

Labcorp Leadership Development Rotational Programs

Both of these programs are full-time program roles that are working towards an aspirational full-time role upon successful completion of the track.

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Biopharma Lab Services (BLS) Track
The BLS track is a three-year design for high-performing, mid-level career individuals pursuing a Master's, PhD or PharmD and a focus on healthcare. This program prepares participants to solve broader business challenges through engagement in thought-provoking experiences within Labcorp’s BLS business. Participants have the opportunity to work on strategic and critical projects across a variety of business units, with an emphasis on process excellence and process improvement.

For more information about the BLS track, please contact us.
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Enterprise Track
The Enterprise track is a two-year design targeted towards MBA students who are also experienced professionals in healthcare, consulting, and/or banking. This program provides the opportunity to execute highly visible projects, interact with senior executives, and engage in a tailored leadership learning and development program. The enterprise track prepares participants for future senior leadership positions at Labcorp with a look across strategy, transformation and broader business organizations.

For more information about the Enterprise track, please contact us.

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“I wanted to work with farm animals and learned about Labcorp at a career fair. I thought it was coolest thing to get to work on various diseases and make a difference in cancer research with just a Bachelor’s degree.”


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Continue your education with upfront tuition coverage
Receive upfront tuition coverage toward curated undergraduate healthcare and life sciences certificates and degrees through the Labcorp Education Advantage program. 
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We have the power to advance together
From mentoring to development training, learn how we give you the tools and resources to grow your career while fostering an environment of continuous learning and inclusivity.
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Find your place to belong
Our ASCEND employee resource group (Achieving Success through Communication Engagement Networking and Developing) provides opportunities for meaningful development, creates leadership roles, and unites our workforce in a strong community. 
Postdoc Development Program
Motivated postdocs can explore research in our industry through our Postdoc Development Program. This professional learning journey includes complex and cutting-edge projects that span our leading laboratory capabilities in diagnostics and drug development. Contact us for more information or questions about our Postdoc Development Program.
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